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Ectopic Ventricular Beats (VEB’s) a Control?



This is my first blog and its to pass on my experience on the dreaded Ectopic Ventricular Beats, better know as (VEB’s) in the medical field, but to the normal person on the street we know them better as ‘Skipped heart beats’ ‘Missing Beats’  Palpitations and a whole lot more..  Having suffered these for over a year with some ‘runs of ectopics that lasted days on end with beats missing at a rate of 30 a minute, (Every minute of the day!), akin to Chinese water torture I could take no more.  


I live in the UK so would have had to wait 3 years for a consultation, I thus went private for a little over £500 for a couple of minutes on a treadmill and a patronising doctor to tell me, that the extra beats were “not going to kill me,” and that they were “just a nuisance!”  ‘If the missed beats didn’t kill me then suicide was a definate option!’  sufferers will know what I mean.


I didn’t take this path and instead messed about with beta blockers previously prescribed and started ‘experimenting’ on my ‘beats’.  Bypassing the failed attempts, and there were many, I finally found what I believe is a total control over my dreaded ‘Ectopics’,  the cure is so simple you’ll kick yourselves.   Ectopic beats are usually strong when the heart beats slowly, this is when the ‘rogue electrical impulse; that causes the Ectopics beats is at its most efficient.  


I kind of knew that as when I trained in the Gym I had no ‘missed beats’ or at least not many!  So I thought, ‘If I can get my heart to beat just a little faster then the beats should regulate themselves and as if by miracle they did.  So how did I do it? 

I found by accident that a decongestant cotaining ‘psuedoephedrine’ had the side effect of elevating my heart rate akin to several pots of coffee, so treid this,  It was instantly a success, however too stimulating for me as I had been using beta blocker called propananol for 20 years.  I decided to mess about with my medication level to get an ‘equalibrium’ where the psuedoephedrine would stimulate my heart enough and then I took 20mg of propananol to see if this worked.  


Cutting to the point, the pseudoephedrine did the trick in speeding up my heart, and then the propananol recognised that it needed to do something and intervened, the result…. As simple as saying that after more than a year of hell I have not had one Ectopic beat that has disturbed me since!  You must be advised that my method works 100% for me, but there are risks of elevated blood pressure so please check this out first with your Doctor.

 I truly believe that this is an absolute control against VEB’s and will work for everyone, the cons for this are not known, as I am the first I know of to report this phenomenon, and I’ve searched high and low for the answers.  Tell your GP this method has worked, they can only say no to you.   Beta Blockers like Propananol are not problematic and after 20 years I’ve never had any problems. 


Other beta blockers do have side effects like allergies to the sun and liver damage, I have a 100% bill of health on that aspect and love the sun.  Have I found the cure?  Are the Cardiologists looking too hard for the answer?


11 Responses to “Ectopic Ventricular Beats (VEB’s) a Control?”

  1. Jamie Says:

    This seemed too good to be true so I went down to my local pharmacy and asked them. He said that theoretically it certainly could work as VEB’s do tend to be more prominant the slower the heart rate. After a long discussion on this with him and learning that even common hay fever treatments can cause a slow heart rate I was amazed. I have had allergic rhinitus for years and have been using a nasal spray. I never thought at looking at the side-effects and well I’ll be darned slow heart beat was one of them! I’m off to the Doc as soon as possible as there has to be something to this theory of Kev’s? Everything he talks about has been 100% so far so it is worth a shot as these beats man are worse than Chinese Water Torture!


  2. Minute Says:

    Awesome. I studied three years of medicine and I love your pioneering work. This could really be a big help to a lot of people with this problem. There’s probably thousands of sufferers world wide.

  3. The Team Says:

    Thanks for your comments, I too am a trained Psychologist, and I was annoyed when my own Cardiologists could not see the common sense approach, as they tend to look for complicated cures. The proof is there with me as I continue not to suffer. There are very little physical side effects such as sometime feeling full of beans and happy that the dreaded ectopics are no longer there. The beauty of my findings so far is that my sleep patterns are not that overly interupted either.


    I am not saying I have found a miracle cure, but I have most certainly found a miracle control that warrants further investigation and perhaps at least a clinical trial? Tell me what you think and also please spread the news of this blog to all you know as there are millions, not thousands of sufferers and most do not know of my findings yet. I have little time to go looking any more as I am now so full of energy I can catch up on my life and work again.


    People just do not know how life impinging VEB’s can be and how frightening they are. To know there is a proven control out there might at the very least allow them to go to their Dr’s and ask for the same or simular treatment. The marvel of this is that no matter what the underlying cause is the Ectopics only kick in on slow heart rates as that is when the electrical impulses are at their most vulnerable to be superceded by the rogue ectopic, so speed the heart up a touch, and the beats are on a loser, then use a beta receptor/blocker in place to prevent too fast a rate and you are on to a winning combination. 6 months down the line and its still as effective as day one, all bloods are correct, no hypertension, no anything, so lets see. :-)


  4. The Team Says:

    Just an update to my initial blog, despite the thousands out there seeking respite from the dreaded Ectopics I am still happily VEB free after nearly a year. If anyone gets to read this blog, please send them over here and we will advise them as best as possible. We now have at our disposal a trained Doctor so we will evaluate all symptoms before even dare offer advice.

    Take care and be well.

  5. Robert Peever Says:


    I am always amazed that there are people having the same problems as me.   I am in the va and since I could not relax enough to make it happen at the office, the carts made did not snow any missed beats.   So the end of the conversation was do not worry about it. I was told by a dr that decongestants were possibly responsible for the swelling of my prostate. anyway more things to think about…

  6. The Team Says:


    VEB’s will usually happen when the heart is beating slower, its then that the rogue beats do tend to have more impact. White coat syndrome, (The feeling of anxiety we get when visiting the Dr.) usually ups your heart rate by 5-15 beats per minute which can actually make a massive difference.


    Decongestants, or rather the Pseudoephedrine that is the main player in decongestants can cause enlargement of the prostate gland and can even cause sperm to get released into the bladder, don’t worry on this one though as it is usually very harmless and the bladder will flush it out. If you do get this problem then you are taking too high a dose, as it has been found that when tolerance increases th problem also calms down.


    The thing you need to look at though is does the discomfort of a swollen prostate outwiegh the distrees of the VEB’s? As part of the team here and the one who started this particular blog off, I can tell you categorically that my prostate problems are a small sacrifice as my VEB’s made my life hell. I now live a relatively normal life, and honestly never have any runs of VEB’s that bother me any more.  If I were allowed to say it is a modern miracle of a solution to the dreaded VEB’s I would but that should be down to the Docs who carry out testing etc..


    Why they medical field has never adopted this approach before amazes me. By the way Rob, great attitude, when you say that you have other things to think about!


    Take care,

  7. Rose Says:



    hello I wonder if you can advise me…I have been told that the “missed” beats and banging heart symptoms that I have been complaining about are harmless ectopic beats and to forget them…..but I get so scared that my heart is just going to stop and more recently i have been having periods of dizzziness and feeling spaced out….


    I have had tests and worn a monitor and been on the treadmill etc there is a history of heart disease in my family mother and father died from coronary heart and 3 of my 4 brothers have suffered heart attacks one brother had a quintuple by pass.


    I have had an angiogram and that showed normal…I get the impression that my doctor thinks I am over sensitive but This is very real and spoiling my life and its difficult to be taken seriously what do you think?



  8. Kevin Says:


    Hello Rose, let me tell you that the majority of ectopic beats ‘VEB’s (Ventricular Ectopic Beats) are completely harmless, and whilst they can be incredibly distressing they are highly unlikely to do you any serious damage.


    I take you seriously even if your doctor doesn’t and my answer isn’t short so I’ve gleaned your e-mail from this blog and will send you my advice through mail okay, you’ll get it later today. In the meantime let me re-assure you that your not going to come to harm with the beats no matter how frightening they are. I’ll explain in detail what’s going on and some ways to deal with them in mail.




    p.s, if your Doctor suffered from runs of ectopic beats he/she wouldn’t be so insensitive, they generally act complacent because the know your tests were fine and they have little to worry about on the medical front. That’s of little comfort to you though.

  9. julie Says:


    Hi - I have been suffering from ectopic heart beats for the last 3 months, but mine occur no matter what pace my heart is going at - I once was so scared that I couldn’t slow my heart down I called an ambulance - They recorded my BPM at 179!! - I had 2 ECG both were normal just showed my heart was beating fast!    Since then I noticed my heart missing a beat most days,  but it can be when my heart beats fast or slow.   Just they are more noticable when slower!   My doctor has pescribed beta blockers which I take if it gets really bad, and they do help, but I am becoming more and more concerened that I have some sort of heart problem - I have sen 2 Dr, both which have said my heart is fine and that I should not drink alcohol.   Sometimes drinking wine brings them on sometimes not!   Please help as I feel they are becoming my daily focus!!   




  10. Michelle Says:

    Hello Kevin
    I to have ectopic beats, and this is driving me crazy. I have been told they won’t kill me but this is no comfort during the night. I am on beta blokas but do not want to continue them. I was told that a short course of magnesium and executive B stress formula can stop these. My cousins husband had the same thing and this seemed to work for him.
    I don’t understand how one day I was fine, then simply without warning this happened to me. I am fit, healthy, non smoker, non drinker and feel like this is ruining my life.

    What if anything could you advise, my Dr’seems the cure is pills and more pills, but I have two children to look after and will try anything to get my normal life back !!

    Kind regards
    Michelle Cameron

  11. Mike Says:

    Hi people, interesting reading here.
    I’m 28 6 foot tall 95kg 10% bodyfat. I developed VEB while on a heavy sessions of (AAS)Anabolic/Angrogenic steroids. My heart rate slowed to 30 BPM (140/75 pressure). After stopping the AAS and doing no exercise my heart seemed to return to normal. 3 months later i took up running and lifting weights again, 3 weeks into lifting (with no AAS this time) my heart rate has again started to drop to around 40BPM and i have VEBs again.

    If you speak to your cardioligist he’ll advise you that stimulants will cause you VEB’s to worsen in the long run. I have tried effedrine/caffein/Thyroxin and after coming off from each one my VEB’s have become ALOT worse.

    I intent to reach a impressive level of cardio via running. i’ll let you know if this has an impact on my VEB’s



    I’d suggest you take the first post with a pinch of salt before you all go out and buy truck loads of stimulants.

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